Is Becoming an Engineer Still a Valid Career Choice?

April 29, 2015

Ever since the global crash happened in 2009, the jobs market hasn't looked the same. Redundancies have happened by the thousand, and employers have been forced to take on less staff to ensure vulnerable budgets don't become overstretched.

Many people, especially those coming out of college, have wondered about the stability of their chosen careers for a while now. You may have browsed through a number of IT jobs articles or engineering jobs articles yourself, looking to find clues as to how well the profession is holding up amidst a worldwide recession.

The Recession's Effect on Friends and Family

It's likely that over the last few years, you've known somebody who has struggled to find a job. This person may be well educated or have lots of experience, but try as they may, they just can't find meaningful paid employment.Seeing them struggle to find work may have affected your confidence in the job market. After all, unemployment really can happen to anybody.

The Effects of the Recession on IT

IT jobs, thankfully, for most of the people reading this, haven't been affected too badly by the global scale-downs. Look at any IT job board and you'll find that the number of jobs posted has remained consistent over the last few years.

Wages have also remained at a steady level too, with higher than entry-level roles paying 6% more than they paid in 2010.

As the world continues on with its digital revolution, information technology jobs remain valuable to the economy. Best of all, this news applies to virtually everywhere in the world. The computing job market is as strong in the USA, for example, as it is in India.

Is a Career in IT Still Worth It?

Every meaningful statistic says yes, it is still worth it. An IT career is still a safe and secure one, paying above average on the wage scale. If you know how to search IT jobs, simply have a look on your favorite job site. You'll see thousands of computer jobs and web design jobs up for grabs, unlike many other fields at the moment.

What About a Career in Engineering?

Engineering jobs, on average, haven't decreased, they've just moved. As companies have transferred operations to pastures new, workers have found themselves having to visit new places to find work. This doesn't mean that a complete overhaul is necessary to find a career in engineering, it just means that an open mind will likely help you find a better job quickly.

According to Forbes the best cities to live in to find a career in engineering are as follows: Huntsville - Alabama, San Jose - California, Houston - Texas, Munich - Germany, Chennai - India, Melbourne - Australia.

Those looking for engineering jobs in the following cities should have no problem finding work. Those outside of these cities can consider relocating if they find it tough getting leads for engineering jobs in their city. This of course is optional.

Average Salaries

As has already been mentioned in this article, the average salary for both an engineer and IT expert are higher than average. In the US, the average engineer earns $65,000 per years, while the IT expert receives $66,000 worth compensation for their work. Of course, knowing where to find IT jobs, and knowing what is needed to be a great engineer alters salary packages considerably. Other factors will also affect final salary package. These include things like experience, quality of references, and location. As you can see, a career in IT and engineering are still both extremely good careers, somewhat coming out of the economic crash unharmed.


Hopefully you have more confidence in your field after reading this article. Engineers are one of the so-called 'traditional' careers, meaning there will always be a demand for them in some way.

In actuality, the process companies decide upon when discussing how to hire an engineer may have changed a little, but the fact that they still need people like you and are willing to pay heavily is reassuring.

You'll likely find that if you have the right qualifications, you won't need to do too much to get hired. IT jobs and engineering jobs are notoriously easy to get in to assuming a candidate meets the relevant criteria. So start applying for jobs today with confidence. Your dream role in IT or engineering is probably just around the corner.

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