Which Engineering Jobs are Most In-demand?

June 3, 2015

The field of engineering is an ever-changing one. As trends change, so too do the types of engineering jobs available within the industry. Over the years we've seen manufacturing methods change, and have even seen certain engineering jobs transferred to countries that put more emphasis on engineering as a career - countries such as India, for example.


If you want a career in engineering, it's important to know which ways trends are heading. This article, unlike many other engineering jobs articles out there which focus only on doom and gloom, looks to fill you in on the industry and the security of some of the most commonly advertised jobs.


Petroleum engineers

The recent explosion of petroleum engineering jobs is no surprise. The amount advertised has risen by 30%, which means many engineers have managed to find meaningful employment within the sector. With a median salary of over $50 per hour, this particular job's inclusion on our list makes for attractive viewing.


Mechanical engineers

Mechanical engineers are the second most common type of engineer, second only to civil engineers. You don't need to know anything fancy about how to hire an engineer to find a mechanical one to come and work for you or your company. No, these engineers are everywhere. Truth is, there is so much public demand for mechanical products that there will always be a demand for engineers to fix them and make them better. If you're a mechanical engineer, you can be sure your job is here to stay.


Mining and geological engineering

With so many precious metals deep within the surface of the earth, it will be a long time yet before mining and geological engineers are no longer required. Many mining projects are vast and take years, meaning the staff turnover of a company specializing in this field is low.


Network engineer

The introduction of computers to mainstream offices has meant that an abundance of information technology jobs and computer jobs in general have become available. A career in IT has never been easier to get, and that's because the demand for network engineers is so high. IT jobs articles predict the field will also continue to grow, meaning network engineers don't have to worry about job security.


IT systems engineer

With many companies now using systems such as CISCO, IT systems engineers have become a featured part of the job market. No longer confined to just a small classroom in a university, these engineers have gone mainstream. A systems engineer offers a candidate a valuable career in IT, and job security rarely found in other computer jobs. Take a quick look on any popular IT job board, and you'll see how many vacancies there are for network and systems engineers. These IT jobs are in abundance, and look to remain so for the foreseeable future. If you're thinking of a career in this field, rest assured that you won't be out of a job anytime soon.



The engineering field in general is currently very strong. In the USA alone, 27,000 new engineering jobs were created last year. While some of those jobs will be part-time jobs or freelancing jobs only, most will offer an employee a viable career.


The engineering and design jobs we've included on this list have maintained the best employment figures for the last 5 years, and look set to keep doing so for the next decade or so. While predicting the future is impossible, market trends suggest the types of engineering jobs listed above will still be popular within a decade. With that kind of job security, it's no wonder engineering is the most popular course with high school students. With world markets as they are, job security can't be understated.


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